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The African Catalyst is focussed on bringing entrepreneurs and investors together to create exciting new partnership. We aim to help Infraprenuers to scale their business and connect with right investors at the right stage of business.

Entereprenuers understand the bigger your network the more doors you open! The 1ON1 Investor meetups & Forum provides the avenue the funding community (i.e private equity, investment companies, fund managers etc) needs by enabling our them to connect with entreprenuers in their sectors of interest to share their ideas, business insights, and experiences. Helping both entrepreneurs and investors along the path to success

Extractive Industries Renewables Industrial Agriculture Road, Rail & Marine Logistics Technology, Media & Telecoms Healthcare Value Chain

Extractive Industries 1ON1 Investor Forum

The Extractive Industry comprises of crude petroleum and natural gas, coal mining, metal ores, quarrying and other minerals. The Sponsor companies are involved in Exploration, Extraction, Processing & Transportation. 

Renewables 1ON1 Investor Forum

Renewables 1ON1 Investor Forum focuses on investors interested in Solar, Wind, Geothermal and Hydro forms of energy. The Sponsor companies are involved as Producers, Mini-Grid Developers & Storage. 

Industrial Agriculture 1ON1 Investor Forum

Industrial agriculture refers to a process of mechanizing the growing, harvesting, and processing of food.  The Sponsor companies are involved in Livestock, Poultry, Fish, and Crops. The Forum also recognizes the importance of an unbroken cold chain system in the perishable nutritious foods supply chain as a means to significantly reduce post-harvest losses of nutritious but perishable foods-fresh fruits and vegetables, fish and seafood, meat, milk, chicken

Road, Rail & Marine Logistics

These include Road, Rail and Marine/Sea Logistics in a multi-modal form of transportation. Sponsors include the likes of Transport Asset Owner, Terminal Asset Owner, Freight Service Provider, and Logistics Technology Providers.

Technology, Media & Telecoms 1ON1 Investor Forum

Technology, Media & Telecoms (TMT) represents a range of dynamic industry sectors which are experiencing many common opportunities and challenges caused by technological change, deregulation and convergence. These includes telecommunications infrastructures, media, payments and fintech sector

Healthcare Value Chain 1ON1 Investor Forum

Healthcare Value Chain includes manufacturing & servcies companies who play key roles of the (a.) Payers (Government, Corporate or Individuals), (b.) Fiscal Intermediaries (Insurers and HMO), (c.) Providers (Hospitals, Clinics, Physicians, Diagnostic Centres, and Pharmacies etc, (d.) Purchasers (Wholesalers,Dealers,Suppliers of Equipment/Drugs) and also (e.) Producers (Drug, Equipment or Device Manufacturers) in the context of the healthcare system of African Countries

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1ON1 Investor App unlocks meaningful connections between early-mid stage founders and investors. Our aim is to take the friction out of  fundraising through data-driven matchmaking events.


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