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We aim to be the most credible infrastructure event platform in Africa, by bringing on board major corporations and partnering with them to collectively take up strategic matters concerning all issues related to infrastructure development and financing.

Our Events at The African Catalyst provides a platform for Networking, Learning and Sharing as well as Sustainability Practices. It focuses on strategic Infrastructure topics such as Power and Renewables (including Green Energy), Agriculture and Transportation.


Africa Infrapreneurs Programme

The Programme is co-hosted with Brickstone Africa

This course is designed for Aspiring Infrapreneurs with little or limited project finance knowledge but who are incubating Large Scale projects. 

This training lays out the key project finance requirements for infrastructure projects and provides the needed capacity towards productive, sustainable and inclusive Infrastructure Development in Africa.

Upcoming AIP Sessions


Feb 2025

African Infraprenuers Programme >

One Week Bootcamp

Abuja, Nigeria

Enabling Early Stage Infrastructure Investment

This Forum is Public Private Dialogue centered around the creation of Enabling Environment for Private Sector to thrive in the development , financing and sustainable of Infrastructure in Africa.

Enabling Infrastructure Forum gathers both formal and informal public institutions; private sector stakeholders in utilities and infrastructure such as transport, energy, water and telecommunications. 

This Forum lays out key trends in institutions building for infrastructure projects and proposes emerging priorities for short- and longer-term policy interventions towards productive, sustainable and inclusive Infrastructure Development in Africa.