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The Developing & Financing Infrastructure Projects Course is designed for Aspiring Infraprenuers seeking to improve thier project finance knowledge and are involved in the Large Scale Infrastructure Projects.

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What you would Learn

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Understand the fundamentals of Limited Resource Finance based developments for the Private and Public Sector Projects.

Appreciate how the mechanisms in making project bankable to protect the creditors and become investable.

Interpret each of the risks to determine their severity and potential impact on the transaction structure.

Course Outline

Module 1 - Introduction
  • Introducing the Africa Infraprenuers Programme
  • Course Introduction
  • Key Things to Note
Module 2 - Overview of Project Finance
  • Introduction to Project Finance
  • Project Finance Vs Traditional Loan
  • Merits & Demerits of Project Finance Deals
  • Participants in Project Finance Deals
Module 3 - Climate Considerations in Project Selection
  • Understanding Project Selection
  • Climate Considerations in Project Selection
  • Mapping the Global and National/Subnational Climate Policies
  • Assessing Project's Alignment with Climate Policies
  • Pre-Assessing Climate Risks
  • Pre-Assessing GHG Emissions Qualitatively
  • Reviewing Adaptation and Resilience Strategies to Reduce Climate Risks
Module 4 - Principles of Risk Allocation
  • Introduction to Principles of Risk Allocation
  • Commercial Risks
  • Macroeconomic/Financial Risk
  • Political & Regulatory Risk
  • Force Majeure Risk
Module 5 - Climate Considerations on Risk Allocation
  • Understand Climate Risk in PPPs from a Contractual Viewpoint
  • Structure and Allocate Climate Risk
  • Insurance Coverage against Climate-Change Risks
  • Introduction to Climate Hazards
  • Climate Hazards
  • Towards Low-carbon Infrastructure
Module 6 - Contract Mechanics in Project Finance
  • Contract Mechanics in Project Finance
  • Concept of Guarantee
  • The Importance of Guarantees in PF
Module 7 - Understanding Project Development
  • Introduction to Project Development
  • Project Development Stages
  • Types of Project Finance Deals
Module 8 - Early Development Stage
  • Introduction to Early Development Stage
  • Understanding Public Private Partnerships
  • Competitive Tendered Projects
  • Un-solicitated Proposals to Government
  • Post Signing Issues in Early Development Stage
Module 9 - Introduction to Pre-Financing Stage
  • Introduction to Pre-Financing Stage
  • Importance of Finance Model Development
  • Key Financing Concepts for Infrapreneurs
  • Brickstone Bankability Framework
Module 10 - Achieving Bankability: Predictable Cashflow
  • Understanding Predictable Cashflow and Offtake Agreements
  • Introduction to Offtake Agreements
  • Key Provision in Offtake Agreements
  • Introduction to Concession Agreements
  • Key Provisions in Concession Agreements
  • Risk Management in Offtake and Concession Agreements
Module 11 - Achieving Bankability: Fixed Construction Delivery
  • Understanding Fixed Construction Delivery
  • Construction Life Cycle
  • Construction Arrangements
  • Risk Management in Construction Arrangements
  • Key Provisions for Construction Delivery
Module 12 - Achieving Bankability: Governance & Sustainability
  • Understanding Governance, Operations (Ops) and Sustainability
  • Project Governance using Shareholder Agreements
  • Key Provisions in Shareholders Agreements
  • Resource Supply Arrangements
  • Key Provisions of Supply Agreements
  • Operations & Maintenance
  • Key Provisions of O&M Agreements
  • Environmental Impact Assessment
  • Introduction to Environment Social and Governance
  • ESG Factors in Project Development
  • Sustainability Project Financing and UN SD Goals
  • Sustainable Infrastructure Lending
Module 13 - Bankability Structuring Report

Developing Infrastructure Bankability Structuring Report

Module 14 - Conclusion of the Course

Course Conclusion

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Entereprenuers understand the bigger your network the more doors you open! The meetups & Forum provides the avenue the funding community (i.e private equity, investment companies, fund managers etc) needs by enabling our them to connect with entreprenuers in their sectors of interest to share their ideas, business insights, and experiences. Helping both entrepreneurs and investors along the path to success.


Femi Awofala is the Founder/CEO of Brickstone Africa, a Project Accelerator firm with strong competence in early stage project development and advisory for large industrial and infrastructure projects. See more at

Femi has over 20 years experience advising Companies and Governments on Large Scale private Infrastructure investments and has lead teams in executing project/structured financings in Industrial and Infrastructure space in Africa. Femi was a Vice President at Travant Capital (now Alpha African Advisory), a private equity and investment advisory firm which raised and partially deployed a US$107m private equity fund. Femi was also an investment banking lead with Vetiva Capital Management Limited and ARM Investment Mangers where he lead teams on the advisory, structuring and management of more than $1 billion in public and private offerings of debt/quasi-equity/equity and mergers and acquisitions (M&A) transactions for corporations and governments in Nigeria for over 7 years.

Prior to joining Vetiva Capital Management Limited, he was at the ARM Investment Mangers and was part of the private equity real estate team and he was responsible for managing due diligence activities, structuring and coordinating of potential investments and financings among co-investors.

Mr. Awofala has an MBA from the Lagos Business School, Pan–Atlantic University, Lagos. He was lately the Facilitator and Head, Mining & Manufacturing Policy Commission of the Nigeria Economic Summit Group (NESG).

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